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dr. Neil Thompson

"The master challenge platform really facilitates this interaction with students and real-life cases."

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Prof. Enno Masurel

"The Master Challenge Platform allows us to easily find suitable challenges and to generate perfect matching between the companies and the student teams."

Universiteit van Amsterdam

dr. Coen Rigtering

"For the students it is a wonderful opportunity to work on real-life problems and to make an impact during their studies."

Utrecht University

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Improve your curriculum

We will help you to structure your course effectively, so that your students gain the most value from it.

Find real life challenges

We recruit the challenges for you, that are in line with the learning objectives of your course.

Use the platform to save time

Our platform streamlines the process of gathering the challenges, approving them, and matching them to the student teams.

About us

Education can be improved by allowing students to work on real-life challenges. By putting theory into practice, they gain relevant experience, boost their (problem-solving) skills and grow their network. However, organising real-life challenge courses can be a challenge in itself.

We have years of experience in consulting lecturers how to incorporate real-life challenges into courses. We also have a lot of experience recruiting those challenges for lecturers.

The Master Challenge platform streamlines the process of recruiting, approving and matching real-life challenges, which saves a lot of time. In addition, our advanced team formation tool allows you to form well-balanced teams.

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