Learn in-demand consultancy skills and directly apply it at a real company.

Join one of our 6-week programs for 8 up to 16 hours a week and gain real life experience, access to our consultancy training, and expand your network. You will learn the consultancy skills that boost your employability and directly apply them in a project with a real company.

Have a look at this video below to learn more about the program.

Some of the companies we collaborate with...

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Enroll now and join the next info-session where we share more about the programs.

We will share the date of the next online info-session and give you access to the first module of the online consultancy training.

About the program

  • Free participation
    Our business model is that companies pay a participation fee, and so participation is free for students.
  • Time investment
    Be prepared to work on this program for 8 up to 16 hours a week during 6 weeks.
  • Location
    Most of the participating companies and students are located in the Randstad area in the Netherlands. However, company meetings can also be attended via videocall.
  • Topics
    Our current programs are focused on Business Strategy, Digital Marketing and Sustainability.
  • Next starting date
    The next team-company matching phase starts on 20 June. The challenge officialy starts at 4 July and runs run untill 22 July.
  • Certification
    You will receive a certification upon completion of the program. Add this to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your experience.

The application process

Step 1: Enroll for the info-session and learn about the programs.
This is the first step where we can get to know each other. You will meet your trainer (Bram Kuijken), and learn more about the programs.
Step 2: Sign up for a program
During the info-session, we will share the dates of our next programs. We will also share a link through which you can sign up. We will then have a look at your LinkedIn profile, your motivation, and use that for the admittance process.
Step 3: Create your team and get matched to a company
When you are admitted to the program, we will invite you for the next steps. We will facilitate a team formation process and we will ask you a list of the top 5 companies that you would like to work with. We will then match the student teams to the companies.
Step 4: Work on the project and receive training and coaching
We will coach you during the process through weekly 30 minute coaching sessions via Zoom. You will also follow the online consultancy training and do the weekly assignments. You will end with a final presentation, where you share your main findings and the recommendations.

Enroll now and join the next info-session where we share more about the programs. Limited spots available!

The Structure

  • Weekly Assignments
    Watch the consultancy training videos and do the assignments so that you can deliver quality recommendations to the companies.
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
    Present your progress, get feedback and make better decisions. 30 minutes per team.
  • Weekly Company Meetings
    Present your analysis, ask questions, get feedback, and share your workplan for the following week.

Through Master Challenge, these students found their next career opportunity

Kasper Moes

“I have signed an employment contract with Filuet - the company I did the business challenge for during International Entrepreneurship. Really made the most out of this challenge!”

Michal Weiss

"Through Master Challenge I got in contact with GoSpooky. I worked on one of their challenges and I immediately liked both the product as well as the company. When they offered me to join their team, I didn't think twice to accept the offer."

Thomas Visser

"I'm very excited to start my internship at Post NL. Thanks to Master Challenge I got this opportunity, which will be a great start of my career."

Enroll now and join the next info-session where we share more about the programs. Limited spots available!

Got questions?

How does such a program look like?
Each program consists of the following parts: 1) Data Collection, 2) Data Analysis, 3) Key findings & Recommendations. The scope of the analysis depends on the project. The final report is presented in the form of slides, where you effectively convey the key findings of the research.
How much time are students expected to work on a challenge?
In general, we ask you to spend between 8 and 16 hours a week on the challenge. A challenge lasts from 3 up to 6 weeks.
Is participation really free?
Yes, it is. We will teach you the consulting skills required to deliver strong value to the companies. As our business model, the companies pay a fee for participaing in a challenge. The value that they get is fresh insights and access to talent (you).
Can all students join this challenge?
We mostly work with University students, but please don't hesitate to apply if you are a HBO student aswell. If you write a strong motivation, we may very well admit you to the program.
How does the matching process between the student teams and the challenges work?
We will show you a list of all available company challenges, and then ask you for your motivation and your preferences. We will then use that to form the teams and to match the students to the challenges.
What kind of companies are submitting these challenges?
We are based in and are operating in the Netherlands. Therefore, most of the companies that we work with are also based here. This is usually a mix between Dutch speaking and English speaking companies. We will match the challenges based on the language preferences accordingly.
Can I submit to the program without a team?
Yes, that is no problem. There will be a period where we organize the team formation, before the start of the challenge.
Are the team coaching sessions held via Zoom?
Yes, the coaching sessions are facilitated by dr. Bram Kuijken and held via Zoom.
Are the weekly meetings with the company held in person or via Zoom?
Most meetings will be done remotely, often via Zoom or Teams. If your entire team is in the Randstad, then often companies like to have the first kick-off meeting in person at their office. If you are not, then the entire challenge can be held remotely.
What are the delivarbles to the company?
The deliverables are an end presenation and end report. This contains your analysis, the key findings, the recommendations and an implementation plan.
How often do you run these programs?
We organise these programs every 6 weeks.
Will I receive a certification upon completion?
Yes, upon completion of the program we will send you a certification. You can add this to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your experience and boost your employability.
What is the next step?
After signing up you will receive a link to get started with the consulting course. You will also receive a link to join our next info-session via Zoom.

Enroll now and join the next info-session where we share more about the programs. Limited spots available!

About us

Our vision is to bridge the gap between education and practice. We started this journey by implementing challenges from real organizations into the university courses that Bram Kuijken (founder of Master Challenge) was teaching.

Fast-forward, we have coached over 400 student teams on working on a real life challenge. In addition to organising challenges as a part of university courses, we are organizing so called 'Extra-curricular challenges'.

The core of our work is to help students improve their work readiness after they completed their studies.

Bridging the gap between education and practice

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