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Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Watch the video below.

The main benefits are to get fresh insights and access to almost graduated talent.

You will be carefully matched to a student team, taking into account the preferences of you and the student team.

We recommend to schedule weekly update meetings with your team (online or offline is up to you).

Feel free to offer the students an internship or a junior position after the challenge.

Step 2: Create your challenge description.

The challenge description can be max 150 words. Students use this to see the available challenges and to give their top preferences.

You can find a template description 👉here.

Step 3: Submit your challenge.

You can submit the challenge via the challenge space on our website. Click the link in your email for the challenges that we initially spoke about, or check out all challenge opportunities 👉here.

Are you not sure if your challenge description fits the challenge space? Send us your description via e-mail, and we will check it for you.

After you submit your challenge, the course coordinator will receive it and check if it fits within the learning objectives of the course. When approved, you will then enter into the matching phase with the student teams.

Got questions?

What do you refer to when you state the word ‘challenge’?
A relevant real-life business case that your company is facing.
Can any company participate in the challenge?
This depends, there are different requirements for the different challenge spaces. You can find the details in the webpage of the specific challenge space.
How many teams will be working on my challenge?
Please read each description carefully. Each challenge opportunity has a different amount of students. Also, the amount of student teams working on your challenge can vary.
Are there any costs involved?
This depends on the program and the contribution of the educational institution we work with. In most cases, Master Challenge offers its service free of charge for the educational institution. In order to keep on executing and running our services, we mostly ask a participation fee from companies participating. Depending on the educational institutions and our involvement, the fee can range between €650 to €1500. The fee is essentially a matching fee, and you will only be charged when matched to a team.
What are the deliverables?
At the end of the program, you will be invited to join the end presentations and receive an end report with recommendations specified to your case. Depending on your challenge, you might receive additional materials (e.g. piece of code in an AI challenge, implementation plan, etc.)
What is our time investment?
A company’s total time investment is usually between 6 to 10 hours. It is expected to take time for the matching process, kick-off hour, additional short (bi-)weekly meetings and end presentation.
How does the matching process work?
If your challenge is approved by the lecturer, you will be invited to take part in the match-making process. Firstly, the students will choose their top challenges, submit their ranking and write a short motivation. Afterwards, you can then rank the student’s motivations according to your preference. Once all parties have submitted their choices, the algorithm will create the matches. As for the schedule, you can find it in the challenge description on our website. Once signed up, you will also be guided by automatic email updates from the platform.
How can I make sure to write a description that has a higher chance to be matched?
This is very individual. Students read the description and see the company profile. The more information you share and how personal you describe your challenge, the higher the chances of a perfect match.
Is there a 100% guarantee to work with a student team?
You will undergo a match-making procedure. Mostly, there are more participating companies than available student teams. This means that there is a chance to not be matched to a student team. If that happens, there is, unfortunately, no participation and also no fee will be charged. We will contact you for future challenges again.
What if I get matched but do not like my student team?
If you submit a real-life business case, we expect you to work with any team we match you with. If there are any severe complications or disagreements with the student team, please reach out to the Master Challenge team and we will do our best to find a solution.
Do the students sign an NDA (Nondisclosure Agreement)?
In most cases, students and lecturers are willing to sign an NDA. You can use an NDA from your company or we can provide you with an draft. Master Challenge does not sign any NDA, due to not having access to the end reports.

Got unanswered questions, or would you like to discuss your challenge?

Feel free to schedule a call with Bram, Robin or Gioia via the link in your email, or schedule a call with Bram 👉here.

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