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A REC-Impact (UvA) and Master Challenge initiative

  • Join our 3-week Summer Sustainability Challenge (July 4-22).
  • Spend 8-16 hours a week to solve an organisation's real-life sustainability challenge.
  • Gain relevant experience. Boost your consultancy skills. Grow your network.
  • Join our 3-week Summer Sustainability Challenge (July 4-22).
  • Spend 8-16 hours a week to solve an organisation's real-life sustainability challenge.
  • Gain relevant experience. Boost your consultancy skills. Grow your network.

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Some of the companies that submitted challenges for this edition and need your help to become more sustainable...

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More will follow...

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Deadline 👉 June 17
Limited spots available.

About the Summer Sustainability Challenge

You and your team will help a company become more sustainable. Companies have submitted real-life challenges and are interested in getting fresh insights from talented university students like you. During the program you are guided by professionals and will get a consulting skills training

This program is jointly organized by REC-Impact (UvA) and Master Challenge.

Some examples of challenges you can work on 👇

  • Which specific sustainability goals should the organization set?
  • How should the organization integrate sustainability goals into their strategy?
  • How to measure and monitor performance of a sustainability goal?
  • What partnerships could the organization set up to reduce their footprint?

Through Master Challenge,
these students found their next career opportunity

Kasper Moes

“I have signed an employment contract with Filuet - the company I did the business challenge for during International Entrepreneurship. Really made the most out of this challenge!”

Michal Weiss

"Through Master Challenge I got in contact with GoSpooky. I worked on one of their challenges and I immediately liked both the product as well as the company. When they offered me to join their team, I didn't think twice to accept the offer."

Thomas Visser

"I'm very excited to start my internship at Post NL. Thanks to Master Challenge I got this opportunity, which will be a great start of my career."

The process in a nutshell

Step 1: Indicate your interest in the program.
Just let us know whether you're considering joining this program by filling out the form on this page. We will then send you more information about the program.
Step 2: Sign up for the program.
If you really want to participate, you can officially apply. We will review your profile and if it's a fit, we will admit you to the program.
Step 3: Create your team and get matched to a company.
When you are admitted to the program, we will invite you for the next steps. We will facilitate a team formation process and we will ask you to rank 5 companies that you would like to work with. We will then match the teams to the companies.
Step 4: Work on the project and receive training and coaching.
We will coach you during the process through weekly 30 minute coaching sessions. You will also follow the online consultancy training. You will end with a final presentation, where you share your main findings and the recommendations.

Sounds good? Indicate your interest and we'll send you more information.

Got questions?

How does such a program look like?
Each program consists of the following parts: 1) Data Collection, 2) Data Analysis, 3) Key findings & Recommendations. The scope of the analysis depends on the project. The final report is presented in the form of slides, where you effectively convey the key findings of the research.
How much time are students expected to work on a challenge?
In general, we ask you to spend between 8 and 16 hours a week on the challenge. This challenge lasts 3 weeks. From July 4 till 22.
Is participation really free?
Yes, it is. We will teach you the consulting skills required to deliver strong value to the companies. The companies pay a small fee to participate in a challenge. The value that they get is fresh insights and access to talent (you).
Who can join this program?
Feel free to apply if you study at one of the faculties at REC. We're looking for motivated and ambitious students, from any study background, who want to help companies make impact. Third and fourth year students have more chance of being admitted to the program.
How does the matching process between the student teams and the challenges work?
We will show you a list of all available company challenges, and then ask you for your motivation and your preferences. We will then use that to form the teams and to match the students to the challenges.
What kind of companies are submitting these challenges?
Most of the companies that join this challenge are based in the Netherlands. We recruit both large corporates as well as smaller organizations from any industry. The only thing they have in common is that they want to improve their sustainability.
How large are the teams?
Teams will consist of 4-5 members.
Can I submit to the program without a team?
Yes, that is no problem. We will organize a team formation phase, before the start of the challenge.
Are the team coaching sessions held via Zoom?
Ideally they are held off-line but if needed we move to Zoom.
Are the weekly meetings with the company held in person or via Zoom?
Up to you! Once you're matched with a company, please discuss how and how often you want to meet.
What are the deliverables to the company?
The deliverables are a presentation and a report. This contains your analysis, the key findings, the recommendations and an implementation plan.
Will I receive a certification upon completion?
Yes, upon completion of the program we will send you a certification. You can add this to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your experience and boost your employability.
What is the next step?
After indicating your interest we will send you more information. Explore that information and make up your mind whether you would like to apply.

Ready to create impact and boost your employability?
Indicate your interest and we'll send you more information.

About us

This challenge is a REC-Impact (UvA) and Master Challenge initiative. Our vision is to bridge the gap between education and practice.


The goal of Roeterseilandcampus(REC)-Impact is to promote cooperation between the university and society and to contribute to the major issues of our time.

Master Challenge

The Master Challenge platform aims to close the gap between education and practice by organizing real-life challenges.

A REC-Impact (UvA) and Master Challenge initiative

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The Structure

  • Weekly Assignments
    Watch the consultancy training videos and do the assignments so that you can deliver quality recommendations to the companies.
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
    Present your progress, get feedback and make better decisions. 30 minutes per team.
  • Weekly Company Meetings
    Present your analysis, ask questions, get feedback, and share your workplan for the following week.